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Ozuro Fine Jewelry is a diamond manufacturer and retailer. We are one of the very few “soil to store” companies that mine and sell our own diamonds. We specialize in colorless and fancy colored diamonds in all sizes and shapes. We offer a wide selection in finished jewelry however, we make custom pieces from our large inventory of loose stones.
Our company has a very long history with Africa and is one of the few manufacturers who have been committed to this community from the beginning of our operations. One of our standards for success as a business is based on the premise that helping to provide infrastructure, supplies, and a means to grow a larger economic base are keys to creating a sustainable community of which we are a part of. Knowing of so many atrocities that have occurred throughout Africa, we felt the need to provide an advanced effort to help those who became victims of war, poverty and diseases such as Malaria, Polio and Cholera. As a result, food, medicine and other supplies were administered as well as funding for new businesses.
The Kimberely Process, which was put in place to ensure all diamonds exported are conflict-free, is one of the many measures that we follow in our production. But we also recognize that the only way to stop the exploitation of people and resources is to provide a sustainable way of living. Ozuro will continue to challenge itself and the larger community to make a better world for everyone. We will continue in our charitable efforts to help stamp out poverty in Africa.
We thank you for your visit today to our site and helping to help us make a difference.
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